About Me

Welcome to Home-Keeping Hearts! 

I always look to the "about me" page on the blogs that I visit so I thought it was high time that I wrote one myself. If I read a post on a blog and like it I am then curious to find out more about the writer - too inquisitive for my own good! 

My name is Jenny, I am 27 and I live in England. I live at home with my family and two dogs and work full time outside the home. I am generally a busy bee trying to balance home, work, learning home making skills and my various hobbies. Currently I am learning to garden, sew, knit, bake and cross stitch! Plus I have quite a few pen pals and love writing long and rambling letters to them. Long and rambling could also describe many of my blog posts! 

I was cute once a long time ago! 

The title of this blog was inspired by a quote from Fairest Girlhood. 

"Only in home life does a woman attain her best development, and that whether married or single, home-keeping hearts are best. Nothing on earth is so divine as a home. It is four walls and a roof, with windows to let in sunshine, and a door to bar against the outer world, and to open to one's friends. It is a nest full of sweetness and peace. It is an asylum and a refuge and a shelter and a place of withdrawal from storm and tempest. It is a place of dignity and repose."

I just love the picture that this quote paints! There is a big difference between a house and a home and I believe that the ladies of the family play a big part in that. 

You can contact me here or by leaving a comment on a post. I love getting comments and read all of them!