Friday, 10 January 2014

Sponsoring with Antares.

I don't think I have ever introduced these three sponsor children to you. I know that I certainly meant to as they are just so sweet! 

Antares is a sponsor charity that works with children in some orphanages in Kazakhstan. It is wonderful! I sponsor 3 children with them and, even as a newish sponsor, you wouldn't believe how many photographs I have received of them so far. Antares has a mission and that is to make a difference in the lives of the children in the orphanages. Their priority is the children and sponsors have to commit to writing to any children that they sponsor. This is key! These children need to know that there is someone out there who cares about them, who is interested in them, and who is proud of them. The children don't have to reply and write letters but you get a photograph of your child with every letter you send. So if you write once a month you get 12 photographs a year. That is amazing! Especially when you consider that some organisations only send a new photograph every 2 years. It really helps you to feel close to the children! 

Aleksandr is such a sweetheart and writes lovely letters! He is in his last year at the orphanage and hopes to go to college. 

Almagul is a lovely girl who likes maths and chess so she is very bright! She likes crafts and is learning English. 

Katya is cute and sporty! She loves books and school and drawing. Her letters are so enthusiastic and her character really comes across!  

Sponsorship with Antares is $10 a month ....... for all three children! I still find it amazing but it isn't a charity that is out to make money. They want as many children sponsored as possible so that they can receive encouragement and support through the letters that their sponsor sends to them. There are also a few opportunities through the year to send the children on trips. So far there has been a trip to a book store and also a holiday shopping trip. The holiday shopping trip was a fab idea! Postage to Kazakhstan is expensive so it makes a lot more sense to send the money direct plus the children then get to pick what they want! 

Overall I can't recommend Antares enough! The volunteers are amazing and always willing to answer questions. Even though I have A LOT of questions! The turn around time on letters and photographs is pretty wonderful too. 




  1. Re your post below - thanks for the tip about pompom makers! Those card circles are quite hard for kids to cut out. I just popped them on my secret Amazon 'presents' wishlist and was recommended a fab book on making pompom animals... together in a gift bag that will make a lovely prezzie for my niece.

  2. How neat! It sounds like a great organization. I'm so glad that you're able to encourage these 3 precious kids through sponsorship!!