Saturday, 12 October 2013


It has been pretty windy here recently but, as yet, only two apples have dropped off my trees. I brought them into the house and we all shared them. I know people say home grown tastes different to shop bought but it really does! It was the same with the carrots that we ate as well. The flavour is just much more intense. It really inspires me to grow more and to be more organised next year! I would love to grow larger and reliable quantities rather than just dabbling and having just a few of each vegetable or fruit. 

I see photographs and blogs about huge vegetable plots and fruit patches and wish I do that! I am limited by space but, if I were more organised, I could fit a lot more in. 




  1. What beautiful apples!!! Apples are one of my favorite fruits but they don't grow very well in FL.

    1. I love apples anyway but it is amazing to walk down the garden and pick on straight from the tree! x