Monday, 16 September 2013

First Letter From Loani!

Eeeeek! My first letter from Loani has arrived! This is the first letter from my Compassion children so I am hoping that the others will arrive soon! 

It is a fill in the blanks style letter which is fab as it gives me so much information about Loani. I think it will be a lot easier writing letters now that I have received one if that makes sense. Before you receive that first letter it is a bit like writing into a void! 

A few of Loani's favourite things! 

Favourite food - Chinese rice. 

Favourite song - "the girl of your eyes."

Favourite subject - Spanish.

Loani lives with her parents, brothers, and niece and her birthday is 4th September. She recently turned 13! 

Her favourite things to do include studying, reading the Bible, doing her homework, drawing, and colouring. 

She had plenty of questions to ask me too! She wants to know my favourite colour, food, and the things that I like to do. 

She drew me this pretty flower with little hearts too! I can't wait to write back and answer all of her questions and ask some of my own! 




  1. Oh, that's so exciting! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I was beyond excited - can't wait to hear from the other children too! x

  2. How fun!!! I completely understand about writing getting easier after receiving the first letter. And I love Loani's drawing!!! How beautiful!!

    1. It does - I have her questions to answer now and can comment on what she wrote about. :)

      I love the drawing too! x