Thursday, 26 September 2013

Guest Post - Lizzie on Sponsorship.

Something a bit different today as I have a post to share from Lizzie! Lizzie is a Compassion sponsor and we met on the Compassion forum. Right from the start I was so impressed with how dedicated she was to her sponsor and correspondent children. Lizzie blogs at Love is an Action and posts about letters from her children, Compassion, and her fundraising and volunteering. She also makes beautiful sponsor bracelets with beads representing each country and there are some lovely examples on her blog. Lizzie is on an incredible journey with Compassion and here, without further ado, here is her guest post! 

It has been two years now, since I saw her face for the first time. I call her "my angel" because God truly sent her to me. Aprila was my first Compassion child. When I requested a girl correspondent, I didn't know what I expected. But I would never have guessed it would be like it is. I would have never guessed that this little girl would change my life.

I was 13 and loved little kids. I loved writing letters. So it made sense to ask Compassion for a girl to write to. If I was going to get a girl to correspond with, I might as well read up on Compassion. So I read the entire site, mesmerised by it all. I read the stories. I read the stats. I learned about countries I did not know even existed. 

I learned what poverty was and that it is real. 

I did not understand at first. My family was poor. We were the ones with old cell phones and hand-me-down clothes. All we got on TV was the very basic cable channels. No Discovery channels for us! Reading about people dying from curable diseases and hunger and about people being enslaved (yes, it still happens), I slowly began to see that we weren't so poor after all. 

Then, along came my girl, my angel. I glanced at her face, and she stole my heart. I can't say that it all became real then or that my life instantly changed. After reading through many Compassion-related blogs and learning about Indonesia, though, I did begin to change. 

Before I had realised we weren't that poor, but I still lived like we were. Gradually, I began to understand that we were quite well-off. And I started to live like it too. Why buy more nail polish when I already have more than I need? I started to buy sticker for my angel instead. And could I really complain about eating sandwiches when my angel might not even eat lunch today? 

It has been a crazy two years. So many changes took place in my life. If someone told me back then that I would be sponsoring a child, no a 21 year old girl, I would have laughed at them. Or if  someone told me that my list of people to pray for would grow by 11 children around the world, I would have thought them crazy. But it has happened. 

Compassion is an amazing ministry, and they are changing lives. When I started partnering with Compassion, I thought the poor children's lives would be changed. I was right. But I completely missed something. It changed my life too! 

After getting a letter from my angel, I decided to ask for another correspondent - a teen girl this time. Let's just say, I kinda totally fell in love with Compassion! Now, I sponsor an older girl and a lil guy, correspond with 7 sweethearts, and co-sponsor another girl. Each one has touched my heart and made me think about things differently. 

I wanted others to realise how blessed they are and feel the incredible joy that comes from having a relationship with a child in poverty. So, I became a Compassion advocate. Even as I think through all the things God has done through that, I am amazed. A couple more kiddos have loving, writing sponsors now. Knowing that I played a small role in that is crazy! 

I am so thankful that God brought Compassion into my life. He definitely knew and knows what He is doing. I am just so excited to see what His plan is with all of that as it unfolds into a beautiful picture. 

Thank you Lizzie for sharing your Compassion journey with us! 

If you are interesting in finding out more about Compassion and to take a look at the children in need of sponsors please click here.



Sunday, 22 September 2013

My Little Book Shelf.

I recently reorganised my little book shelf because ... erm .... I needed more space for books! I do have a lot of books but at the same time I want to display my pretty knick knacks too. As the shelf is nice and tidy I thought it was the ideal time to take a photograph to share! 

My lovely pen pal send me the cards and the magnet so I wanted to display them! It is special when someone makes the effort to actually make a card or gift! 

I love Kisses from Katie so much and have read it twice now. It is the sort of book that inspires you to actually do something to help children! I also have four books from Rod & Staff which are the sweetest Mennonite stories! 


Quite a few of these books have been gifts from pen pals which I appreciate so much! I also keep my magazines on this shelf as I like to look back through them. There are also books that I have bought for myself such as the ones from King's Blooming Rose and those from the Castleberry family. 

I am not sure how long it will stay this tidy but for now it makes me smile when I look at that little corner! 



Monday, 16 September 2013

First Letter From Loani!

Eeeeek! My first letter from Loani has arrived! This is the first letter from my Compassion children so I am hoping that the others will arrive soon! 

It is a fill in the blanks style letter which is fab as it gives me so much information about Loani. I think it will be a lot easier writing letters now that I have received one if that makes sense. Before you receive that first letter it is a bit like writing into a void! 

A few of Loani's favourite things! 

Favourite food - Chinese rice. 

Favourite song - "the girl of your eyes."

Favourite subject - Spanish.

Loani lives with her parents, brothers, and niece and her birthday is 4th September. She recently turned 13! 

Her favourite things to do include studying, reading the Bible, doing her homework, drawing, and colouring. 

She had plenty of questions to ask me too! She wants to know my favourite colour, food, and the things that I like to do. 

She drew me this pretty flower with little hearts too! I can't wait to write back and answer all of her questions and ask some of my own! 



Monday, 9 September 2013

Garden Bits.

Things are ripening all over! Every time I wander around the garden I end up eating baby tomatoes .... some of them are a little hard to reach as the garden has become a little wild! I planted a squash and that has gone crazy. For so long there was just one flower and a couple of leave but, after the recent rain, it has exploded! There are leaves and flowers and twirly tendrils stretching out on stems of up to four feet in length. Only one little squash so far but I will be keeping my eye on it! 

My tayberries are almost finished now and I am planning on planting it into the garden for next year. It did quite well in a pot but it became a bit top heavy and really needed something stronger to climb up. 

There are tomatoes in pots as well as tomatoes planted in the garden. Somehow all the seedlings seemed to survive and it was tricky finding places for them all so there are tomatoes in the flower beds! 

Now these are my experimental and slightly scary plants! Tomatillos! The stems are so thick and there are these little lanterns all over them. They look beautiful! They aren't ripe yet and I think it will be a while before they are. Then I have to figure out what to do with them! This was another example of all the seedlings surviving so over half of a raised bed is taken up with tomatillo plants. 

Courgettes! Some of them have ended up huge! I really should have checked on them more often as, after a little rain, they grow so rapidly. This year I have grown round courgettes. They look nice but I think I prefer the normal ones. Maybe one of each next year! 


I still have apples on my trees! So excited about that! I have been watering them like a crazy person and checking them for bugs and pests. I can't wait until they are ripe! I think I will be eating a lot of apples! 

I have been thinking about what I have learnt from the garden this year and what changes I will make for next year. There have been some successes and some failures. All learning opportunities!



Friday, 6 September 2013

A Letter from Vivian!

I am sure that I don't need to tell you have dance about excited I was to receive a letter from Vivian! I really wasn't expecting a letter this soon but I am delighted. 

Vivian very sweetly introduced herself and said that she is working hard in class and is preparing for the end of term exam. She is hoping to pass with flying colours! 

Oh and she drew me a picture too! 

I think this letter would have been written when she was told that she was sponsored so that would be before she received my letters. I can't wait for a letter that is a response to one of mine!