Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Reading in July.

Some new books to read! I have a constantly updating wishlist of books and an ever growing pile to read! A bit of a split theme this month. Four books by two authors! 

Two of the books are by Leslie Ludy and I heard about them on her website. I like her style of writing. It is friendly and not preachy! I am looking forward to reading both of these. The Lost Art of True Beauty looks fascinating and is about the difference between worldly standards of beauty and what God intended for us. I ordered Sacred Singleness on a whim! Most books for singles seem to be all about getting a husband and they don't really cover what happens when marriage isn't in God's Plan for you. It has testimonials from real singles so I am looking forward to reading it. 

The other two books are by Amy Carmichael. I have been fascinated by people that have devoted their lives to missionary work lately so these two jumped to the top of my wish list. God's Missionary is a tiny book with just 60 pages. It is about following Jesus and being a disciple! I have flicked through it and it looks like the lessons can be applied to missions both at home and abroad. Now, Things As They Are looked so interesting to me! Amy Carmichael lived as a missionary and spent over 50 years in India so she is well equipped to write a book about the realities of life there. Not the rose tinted view! I want to know the reality and the struggles and not just the sanitised version of what life as a missionary was like. 

I am not sure if I will get them all finished in July as I still have a couple of other books that I am part way through. I never have just one book on the go at once! 

What are you reading?




  1. I read another book about Amy Carmichael which I liked a lot and it set me off on a long journey of reading about missionaries and other inspiring people of faith. Carmichael's book Mimosa was one; I also read a lot about George Muller and Rees Howell. Others were on Hudson Taylor, Nicky Cruz, the Burnhams, Jim Elliot, and Corrie Ten Boom. Another by Elizabeth Elliot is waiting :-)

    1. Those sound interesting! I am finding that, since I have been focusing on reading more meaningful books,I don't want to waste my time reading fluffy fiction books. If I am going to spend time reading then I want to be learning and being encouraged by the book!

      I just ordered 4 books from King's Blooming Rose - encouraging Christian biographies - about Harriet Newell, Henrietta Shuck, Sarah Edwards, and Ann Judson! x

  2. I LOVED reading the story of Amy Carmichael's life when I was a relatively new Christian (many years ago now ). So inspiring and a challenge to live all out for God.
    I recently found one of her books called Lotus Buds, about the children she helped save from being sold to Temples, and it was free to read online at the Project Gutenberg website.

    Tracey ( from OC )