Monday, 22 July 2013

Random Post - Monday 22nd July 2013.

A bit of a random post today! It has been unusually hot here these past few weeks. Far too hot for me! I love the weather in Spring and Autumn as the Summer is generally a bit too warm for me. I love seeing the blue skies and flowers blooming but I long for the cool breezes and even miss the clouds! 

I really need to start thinking about Christmas. Early I know! It has been far too hot to give it a great deal of thought but I am planning on cross stitching some pretty Christmas ornaments. I am so slow at stitching though that I probably should have started already! Plus the Christmas letters to my sponsored children need to be sent off in September! 

I have been watching television a lot less! No more random scrolling through the television channels looking for something, anything to watch. I did watch Love's Unending Legacy as I love the books! I really like the adaptations and they are so sweet and stick to the story pretty well. I have also watched two lovely DVDs over the weekend! Both are produced by Moore Family Films and they were so fascinating to watch. One featured the Moss family and the other followed the Moody family. It was just amazing to see an insiders view of how two Christian families work. Families that pray together and where the siblings really are best friends. The interviews with the parents were inspiring and the children were just adorable! 

This weekend has been a bit of a letter writing weekend! I had a few letters to write to my pen pals and sponsored children and had also had some photographs printed which arrived last week. I wanted to get them sent off straight away as it would be far too easy to put it off and then a whole month passes by! With home and work both being so very busy lately things have slipped a little with my writing but I was determined to catch up this weekend and I did! 

One of the photographs that I sent off! I tend to be very camera shy .... you can probably tell from the lack of photographs of me on this blog. Even this picture has most of my face covered up! 



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