Sunday, 21 July 2013

Plant A Book and Vivian.

So excited to introduce Vivian to you as well as Plant a Book which is the charity that I sponsor her through! Vivian is 7 years old and is an orphan. She lives with her aunt and two younger cousins. She has the sweetest smile! She likes skipping rope and wants to be a teacher when she grows up! 

Plant a Book is a sponsorship charity on a much smaller scale than, say, Compassion or World Vision, and provides support for the children attending Galilee Primary School and Waddington High School in the Kayole-Soweto slums of Nairobi in Kenya. 

You can choose a child to sponsor from the website and you get to write to them and the child will write back 3 times a year. You also get an annual photograph! 

Another difference between Plant a Book and the bigger charities is the price of sponsorship. It costs just $12.50 (approximately £9.00) a month to sponsor a Primary School child. It is also $12.50 a month to sponsor a Secondary School child on the basic programme and $20.00 per month for the lunch included programme. 

There is also an on line shop which is open during term time. Now this is exciting! You can buy your child a uniform or books or clothes through this site. You make your order on line and then a member of staff at the school buys the items in Kenya and gives them to your child. So, it is easier, you don't have to pay postage, there is no customs charge, and you are helping the local economy! You also receive a photograph of your child with the gift you send via this on line shop! 

You can post gifts direct to the school if you see something special that you know your child will love! As it is a small charity it is really helpful to them if you make a donation towards the customs charge that the school will have to pay to collect the package. I am going to send Vivian a doll! 

Isn't she adorable?




  1. Vivian is adorable! And what a neat ministry!!

    1. It is really interesting - sad to read about the poverty that the children live in but inspiring to read of their career dreams! x