Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Meet Rupesh!

Introducing my third Compassion child! Well, I say child ..... he is 19! He lives in India with his parents and there are 4 children in the family. His hobbies include walking, reading, singing, and story telling! His home duties include things like running errands, taking care of the animals, carrying water, and selling in the market. Wow - with all that plus school I don't suppose that he gets much time for his hobbies! Rupesh lives in East India in a community where most adults are unemployed and the average wage is just £9.00 a month. That is shockingly low! 

I never imagined myself sponsoring an older teen boy. Sponsoring and writing to girls just seemed a lot easier. I can relate to them in a way! God had other plans! He eased me into sponsorship with my two little girls, Jeni and Loani, then took it a step further with baby Joseph, and then challenged me to step way out of my comfort zone with Rupesh. Rupesh was the oldest boy on the Compassion UK site and I just prayed and prayed. I was scared that I would sponsor him and then not be able to relate to him or to encourage him! I knew that I was supposed to sponsor him especially as, when the UK site went down for a couple of days, I was in a total panic! Luckily the site came back on line and I clicked sponsor. 

The other Compassion sponsors speak so highly of their older boys and have offered me all sorts of good advice about letter topics and little paper gifts to send. Plus it will be interesting to be able to send things written in English! 

I got lucky again! Compassion had some previous photographs of Rupesh. Here he is in 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2013. So interesting to see him growing up in the photographs! 



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  1. Wow! What a treat to have so many older photos of Rupesh!! He is such a handsome young guy!! I think you're going to love corresponding with an older boy....it's been such a rewarding experience for me!!