Saturday, 13 July 2013

Garden Update - July 2013.

Mixed news on the gardening front! Most things seem to be a bit behind schedule but that is probably due to the odd weather this year. I love pottering around the garden especially as it has been so sunny this week. Plus the honeysuckle at the end of the garden has such a beautiful scent and really adds to the pleasure of garden pottering! 

No tomatoes yet on any of the plants as the first batch of plants were eaten by sparrows. Put us a little behind schedule! Lots of flowers though! 

The salad plot! Lots of lettuce, spinach, and even some chard. Plus there is a row of carrots too. Yum! 

Tomato plants with runner beans behind. There are up turned plastic bottles in the plot too. You cut the bottom off a plastic bottle, remove the lid, and "plant" in the garden. Then just fill with water every now and then! 

I tried to grow some of the exotic seeds from the James Wong range and the tomatillo plants are the only ones to survive! The others fell to either the weather or the hoard of rampaging sparrows! 

My potato tree! It is huge and has flowers on at the moment so the potatoes should be ready soon. I just planted a random potato from the pantry so I don't know exactly when I should be digging them up! 

Flowers on my broad bean plant! My pea plant flowers have been pecked off by birds so my final hopes rest on these beans! 

Last but not least ..... apples! I was so surprised to have any apples at all this year as it is only the second year that I have had these trees. It would be amazing if they ripen though! 

How is your garden progressing?



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  1. I am envious of your apples! Not really, just very happy for you :-) Some of my garden is doing well and some not well at all. My currant bushes are thriving and I have added gooseberry bushes. I very much want raspberries but they won't grow in the plot I have for them; everything but weeds dies in that area. after some internet research I think that the manure I amended the soil with was contaminated with herbicide - the llamas the manure was from would have been fed hay that had been sprayed and the residue stayed viable. My plan is to dig out all the soil there and replace it but it will be a lot of work. at least I need the exercise!