Friday, 28 June 2013

Meet Baby Joseph!

Isn't he adorable?! I saw his photograph and just couldn't look away. He has such beautiful eyes! I was shocked by how tiny his limbs are though. He looks so frail. Poor darling boy! I wish I could give him a hug and food and love. Basically I want to give him the world! I want him to grow up healthy and strong and to be able to develop whatever God given talent he has. 

Those big eyes that say will you love me? Will you hold me and protect me? Will you comfort me? Will you raise me up with praise and pray for me every day? 

I tried to stay unattached and removed as this may not be a long term sponsorship as little Joseph could get adopted. I would love that! He deserves a caring family. At the same time I would like him to be mine for a little while. I know that this is selfish of me. I find myself staring at his photograph. Just staring and praying. Praying with my whole heart. This little boy could change the world. He has already changed my world! 

I am becoming more and more convicted about my spending habits. Somehow knowing that some of these children live in countries where the average monthly wage is less than I would spend on a meal out means that I don't want to be frivolous with my money. It has made me re-evaluate wants versus needs. 

I have so much. I am guilty of moaning when things don't go my way and of thinking too much on some item that I want but don't need. My family is not a wealthy one and we have had struggles over the years but I don't remember us ever running out of food and we have always had somewhere to live. It is amazing how I have managed to disconnect myself from those people in the world that struggle. Partly through ignorance and partly because it is a hard thing to think about. 

While I am complaining that it is a little hot here there are children without water, parents that have to watch their babies starve, and whole communities suffering. How dare I complain about anything when I go to sleep in my comfy bed in my own room filled with books with no worries about where my next meal will come from. How can I have been so blind and cold hearted. 




  1. Thanks for sharing more about this little guy!! He is precious!! I hope that you will have some time to see him grow....but if he were adopted that would be wonderful :)

    1. I think he is just adorable! I have already sent off one package to him and am planning another. I would love to see a couple more photographs of him - hopefully with him looking well fed! x