Saturday, 15 June 2013

I Grew a Radish!

A funny thing to be excited about especially as I don't really like to eat radishes! Inspecting my tiny plot today I noticed a splash of red in my radish square. Sure enough some of the radishes were ready to be picked! Last year my radishes were all leaves and no radish so it seems that the raised beds are helping! 

A home grown radish - round and red and perfect! 

There are still plenty more in the ground but these are the ready ones! 

Fresh radishes straight from the garden! I am hoping that the rest of my vegetables do as well! They really seem to be thriving in my raised beds. The compost is certainly working out better than planting into the soil as the soil here is heavy and there were some funny shaped vegetables last year! 




  1. Radishes are so pretty, the peppery taste could be quite a surprise. :)

    1. :) I don't like the taste but I like that I can actually grow them! x