Thursday, 20 June 2013

Happy Birthday Jeni!

Today is Jeni's 7th birthday! I sent off a card and a gift through the Compassion site but it will take a long time to get to her. I started sponsoring her at the end of May but gifts can take around 3 months to reach their destination. Hopefully she won't mind it being a bit late! 

I am not sure how old this photograph of Jeni is but she certainly looks young! Maybe she will be due for a photograph update soon. That would be exciting! 

Loani's birthday is in September and I just sent her card and gift in the last week. I am going to have to be really organised for things like Christmas! Luckily I normally start thinking about Christmas in September anyway! 




  1. What a precious little one! Little Jeni is just adorable. And yes, I must start thinking about Christmas soon, too.

    1. Next year I plan to stock up on Christmas bits in the sales!

      This year I will make do with the crafty bits that I already have! x

  2. Oh! Happy Birthday Jeni!! She's so cute!! And I wouldn't worry about it being late...when I was younger my aunt always sent our gifts/cards late and we never minded! We were just so excited at the prospect of getting a card or gift. I always think about that and don't worry too much about being late with cards.

    1. :) She is so cute!

      I hope that I find out what she buys - working on being patient in relation to letters. Late birthday gifts always felt a bit like an extra birthday to me! x