Saturday, 29 June 2013

Google Reader.

I am a little slow about this but Google Reader is apparently going to cease to exist from Monday. Such a shame as I am just so used to it! 

I have switched over to Bloglovin' and it was easy peasy even for someone technically challenged like me. It has transferred my blog list over and I even get daily emails of new posts! I really enjoy reading blogs and wouldn't want to lose any that I follow. I don't want to lose you either! I have added a Bloglovin' button to the sidebar so it should be super easy. 

So this is a brief post in case, like me, you were unaware of the change. Oh and the giveaway starts on the 1st July! 




  1. That's a great idea to add a Bloglovin sidebar. I also switched over to was so easy!!

    1. I had somehow missed all the notifications about Google Reader vanishing so I am glad I found out just in time. It would be a pest to have to try and track down all the blogs that I follow again! x