Saturday, 1 June 2013

Baby Sparrow!

It is a really fuzzy photograph I know but it is the first and only one that I have managed to take of one of the darling baby sparrows in the garden! 

It is a good thing that they are so cute as they have been eating my seedlings and pecking out the seeds that haven't even had chance to sprout! Oh and all the birds seem to love the garden string that I have used on my raised beds to mark out the squares. They are constantly playing with it. I fully expect to look out one day and to see one of them skipping with it! 




  1. You need a cloche or some fleece to cover your seedlings! Birds can be so naughty and if you grow beans the bigger birds will pull even established shoots. Your string is nesting material, so you could make a ball of old yarn, string, wadding, all sorts hang it up for them and they will happily help themselves. When they get used to you digging and they will be queuing up behind you, tame as anything, for grubs from the soil. Ah, gardening brings such joy! sorry for going on a bit! I love birds and gardening so much. :)

    1. I have some fine fleece over hoops now and that seems to have put them off!

      I hadn't even thought of them using it as nesting material - I am missing two long bits of string .... I wonder how they managed to fly holding it all.

      I love birds and animals and it is such fun to be out in the garden on a nice day. Back to nature really - time seems to slow down! x

  2. I put chicken wire over flower beds where I have seedlings. If it is slightly domed over the sprouting seeds, the birds have a hard time plucking the seedlings out. The other day, I did see a little sparrow managing to get his head into the wire far enough to get a couple of seedlings. The chicken wire also discourages squirrels and neighboring cats from digging in the soil.

    1. They will always try! I just hope that the seedlings that are going in the other bits of garden survive - will have to think of a plan ....

      Pesky birds but it wouldn't be the same without them! x