Sunday, 26 May 2013

Finished Lacy Ribbon Scarf.

I finished this a little while ago but was lazy about taking photographs! I really like the colours of this scarf and love the lacy edge. It was so easy to knit and would be a good project for a knitting beginner. If I can do it .... The only problem of sorts that I tend to have with this type of scarf is that it is always wider at the start and looks fuller for some reason. 

I like knitting these scarves and they make handy little gifts too! Plus they only take a couple of hours to knit up and somehow manage to look like they take a lot of skill to make. 

A close up of the wonderful flowery, lacy, ruffled, prettiness! Oh so feminine! 

This is the other colour that I bought. I like the deeper pink and brighter blue! There were so many others to choose from though. In the scarves with the lace edge there are different coloured polka dots and in the ribbon yarn with out lace there are floral prints, dots, animal prints, and a lovely peacock feather print too! 




  1. It looks good! I have the same problem at the beginning ... I'm wondering if it's just the nature of the wool? At least with all the ruffles, it's not that noticeable!

    1. Glad it isn't just me - maybe it is just the wool! I was wondering if I was doing something wrong or maybe if my tension changes as I knit. x

  2. It's beautiful! I like it. You did a great job.