Thursday, 30 May 2013

Compassion UK.

I have been praying for a while for some guidance in choosing a charity to get involved in. I felt like it needed to be something individual and involved rather than just sending off money and I felt drawn to helping children but I had no idea which charity to go for at all! I just kept praying and I knew when I found the right charity I would know. 

On Tuesday of this week I was off work and at home catching up on my pen pal letters. I logged on to Facebook and a friend had posted an article about Compassion International. It was right at the top of my news feed and looked really interesting so I clicked on it. The article is here if you want to read it. Reading about those children, the charity, and especially how important letters .... well it captured my attention in such a way that I KNEW this was the charity I was meant to get involved in. I went onto the UK site and read everything I could. All the questions and all the information. The more I read the more wonderful it sounded. So that was decided. I was going to sponsor a child! It felt so right. 

I read a lot of information about Compassion and I would like to share a little here. 

Compassion is an international Christian child development and child advocacy ministry. Partnering with local churches, we are committed to the spiritual, economic, social and physical development of children living in extreme poverty, enabling them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults. 

For just £21 a month, you can ensure your sponsored child attends a church-based Compassion project where they will receive the practical, emotional, social and spiritual care they need to escape from poverty. Each child is linked to just one sponsor and you can encourage the child you support through your letters and prayers. 

I am so excited to get started. This charity has just reached straight to my heart! I can't believe that I had never heard of it before!




  1. Compassion is a wonderful organization and God is working through it in amazing ways! It was so neat to hear how the Lord led you to it. I started sponsoring a girl from Africa last year, and it has been such a blessing. The letter writing program is precious - I can't even begin to describe how much I love hearing from my sponsor child, and I'm sure you will love it as well :)

    Keep shining for the Lord, Jenny!

    1. It really is wonderful! I was reading up on it and it is SO highly rated!

      I am really excited - it is amazing to think that I (just one random person) can help a child and improve their life. God really is working through Compassion!

      I would love to hear about your girl! x

  2. God bless you !

  3. My name is Laurent from Rwanda in Africa and I am a former compassion Child ! Compassion Changed my life Spiritually,Economically,Socially,School and health ! This is life story

    God bless you for all you are doing for your Sponsored Children ! You are bringing back their Hope of the future !
    Wish you all the best !