Sunday, 12 May 2013

Apple Blossom.

My apple trees are now into their second Spring and are covered in blossom! I am still not expecting apples though as it takes three years for the trees to mature enough. Worryingly there are very few bees about. I haven't seen many at all! I don't know if it is the odd weather that has caused this but it is quite concerning. It certainly makes me wonder about the health of the environment. The number of butterflies and garden birds seem to be falling too. 

Do you have many bees where you are? 




  1. We must worry together. I have seen just one bee and two butterflies, no more.

    Your pictures, are, as always, a delight, and let us hope that the blossoms are a sign that Spring is finally arriving!

  2. I have noticed fewer birds here. And news reports say that bees are disappearing. This worries me too, I really love honeybees! My area is a cattle raising area so there are fewer farm fields and more pasture; hay is the main crop. I have a bed of peppermint and three Russian sage bushes and later in the year these are both litterally COVERED in honeybees! At least this was the case last late summer when they bloomed. I worry about the health of our environment too and wonder what the bees think of GMO plants...

  3. I saw a thrush today - haven't seen one of those for ages. At one point there were always empty snail shells around to show that the thrushes had been to the garden - another creature that seems to be getting rarer!

    It is worrying that it is happening all over! x

  4. Jenny,
    In New York State and across much of the US honeybees are on the decline. It appears to be a combination of factors that is called Colony Collapse Disorder. Bees are so important in pollinating all plant except grains. Rarely are humans good stewards of the earth. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Tom the backroads traveller