Friday, 26 April 2013

Sparrows Sitting Still.

Please! I would really appreciate it if you would just pause in your hopping, bobbing, and feather fluffing for long enough for me to take a photograph. A chance to capture the cuteness is all I ask! 

I can hear the sparrows chirping right now through the open window. It has been a bright and sunny day but the wind has a chill to it! Somehow, whenever I look out of the window or am outside gardening, there seem to be sparrows everywhere - in the hedge, in the trees, on the grass, and on the bird feeders - but as soon as I pick up my camera they vanish! 

I stood very still and managed to get these few .... 


All fluffed up! 

I don't know how wildlife photographers keep their patience! At least flowers don't fly away when I want to photograph them! 




  1. Those are really good! I've tried to photograph birds on the feeder outside our kitchen window. It's definitely not easy to get clear pictures of them :)

    1. :) They just move so fast! Maybe I need to cover myself in leaves and twigs and sit really still ...... x

  2. I only manage photos from the house and the screen tends to blur things a little. I love sparrows :-)

    1. They are really cute - I like little birds like sparrows and wrens and robins! x