Tuesday, 16 April 2013

An Encouraging Word Magazine.

I saw this magazine mentioned as one that is similar to Keepers At Home magazine in both target audience and content. I looked it up and it is really expensive to subscribe to it from England! I headed over to eBay to look for back issues and luckily there was one set of oldish copies. So exciting! Luckily it was a Buy It Now so there wasn't the nail biting drama of an auction! 

How sweet they look! Each issue has a theme and all the articles in the magazine relate back to this theme. Some of the themes of the magazines that I bought are Clean Hands and a Pure Heart, Stumbling Blocks, a Fruitful and Productive Life, Training Our Daughters, and a Meek and Quiet Spirit. So inspiring! I really like that each issue covers just one theme as there are deeper articles that really make me think as well as a few shorter ones. Lots to learn in these! 

I am keeping my eyes open for any other lots of these being sold to add to my collection! I really love reading and have a Keepers At Home collection. Anything is better than the trashy celebrity based magazines! 



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