Saturday, 27 April 2013

Lacy Ribbon Scarf.

I spotted this wool at the local market and was so taken with it! It is light and flowery and altogether feminine. I actually bought 2 different colours as I couldn't decide between this one and one with deep pink lace and blue ribbon. Once I get on with that one I will post pictures. Oh and photographs when they are actually finished! 

I haven't got very far yet! I was planning on doing a little gardening but the weather is far too wet. So time for knitting after all! 

It looks so pretty close up! Pale pink lace and pretty pink flowers on a cream ribbon base! 

I can't wait until it is finished! I am so looking forward to wearing a cascade of girlish ruffles!



Friday, 26 April 2013

Sparrows Sitting Still.

Please! I would really appreciate it if you would just pause in your hopping, bobbing, and feather fluffing for long enough for me to take a photograph. A chance to capture the cuteness is all I ask! 

I can hear the sparrows chirping right now through the open window. It has been a bright and sunny day but the wind has a chill to it! Somehow, whenever I look out of the window or am outside gardening, there seem to be sparrows everywhere - in the hedge, in the trees, on the grass, and on the bird feeders - but as soon as I pick up my camera they vanish! 

I stood very still and managed to get these few .... 


All fluffed up! 

I don't know how wildlife photographers keep their patience! At least flowers don't fly away when I want to photograph them! 



Tuesday, 16 April 2013

An Encouraging Word Magazine.

I saw this magazine mentioned as one that is similar to Keepers At Home magazine in both target audience and content. I looked it up and it is really expensive to subscribe to it from England! I headed over to eBay to look for back issues and luckily there was one set of oldish copies. So exciting! Luckily it was a Buy It Now so there wasn't the nail biting drama of an auction! 

How sweet they look! Each issue has a theme and all the articles in the magazine relate back to this theme. Some of the themes of the magazines that I bought are Clean Hands and a Pure Heart, Stumbling Blocks, a Fruitful and Productive Life, Training Our Daughters, and a Meek and Quiet Spirit. So inspiring! I really like that each issue covers just one theme as there are deeper articles that really make me think as well as a few shorter ones. Lots to learn in these! 

I am keeping my eyes open for any other lots of these being sold to add to my collection! I really love reading and have a Keepers At Home collection. Anything is better than the trashy celebrity based magazines! 



Saturday, 6 April 2013

Random Baking.

Some of my recent baking attempts have gone well and others ...... not so well! The brownies were in the oven a lot longer than the recipe stated and were still undercooked and the cookies spread out so much and had to be carved back into cookie sized pieces. And they fell apart! I think it may be an egg issue. We buy our eggs from a local farm and I recently realised that they are a fair bit bigger than the eggs sold in the supermarket. So now I know the problem ( I think!) I just have to figure out how to fix it!