Saturday, 9 March 2013

A Walk by the Canal.

Walking a different route! I don't have many photographs to share this time which makes a change! It was a bit early for the leaves and flowers to be out and looking pretty. Plus keeping an eye on Doris took most of my attention. She likes water! 

There were snowdrops blooming in clumps all along the hedgerow. Spring must really be on the way! 

The view down the canal. This is a walk that my parents often take but I don't frequently accompany them. Doris came too! I wish I had a quarter of her energy as we walked for over 2 hours and she showed no signs of slowing down! 

The canal water looks so murky here! I was so excited to see swans. I assumed that they would be easier to photograph than little birds that fly away too fast but they had their heads under the water most of the time. Not the most elegant of positions! 

They just looked so graceful as they were gliding across the canal. Away from me and my camera! 

It was a cool day but the sun was shining brightly. It felt like all the potential of Spring was just waiting to burst out! 




  1. What a beautiful canal! And snowdrops! I don't think we have snowdrops over here.. how beautiful :-)

    Spring is indeed on it's way, the tips of daffodils are starting to come up in my flower bed. But it's also snowing hard with a foot of the white stuff predicted. It's much needed moisture so I'm very glad even though it means drifts will probably keep us stuck at home for a few days. Most of my flower bed burned up in last summer's heat wave and I'm hoping for another chance to get things established.

    1. We had snow again last week and today is cold and wet ... Spring feels a long way off!

      Snowdrops are one of my favourite Spring flowers. Especially the early blooming ones. They seem to contain all the promise of Spring! x