Saturday, 30 March 2013


Spring is such a time of hope and new beginnings. Anything seems possible in Spring! New life is born of the seemingly dead ground. God's power is on display all around us at all times but, perhaps, it is more noticeable in Spring after the long, dark Winter. 

Jesus died and rose again in Spring. He died for us. Suffered for us. Lets not glide over this truth or view it through rose tinted glasses. He was tortured and beaten but He endured it for us. We had sinned and He died so that we would be forgiven. He loved us that much! 

I find it hard to comprehend such love. There are times when I get irritated with my family when they haven't done anything wrong and yet here was Jesus who was innocent of all crimes and yet was willing to suffer and sacrifice His life for all of us so that our sins would be forgiven. 

Such generous, unfailing, consistent, awe inspiring, and faithful love. A love that didn't just exist in the good times when things were easy and unchallenging. It was a love that was willing to suffer for the sins of others. 

He does not punish us for all our sins; he does not deal harshly with us, as we deserve. 
For his unfailing love toward those who fear him is as great as the height of the heavens above the earth.
He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west.
Psalm 103 : 10 - 12

We must never forget this great act of love. This gift that we were given. It is easy to get distracted by the world and not to think of Jesus first. We all know what we should be doing. We should be living for Jesus! He died so that you could live. Does your life reflect that? Do your daily choices, actions, and words honour Him? A few things that I have been thinking on lately especially while reading In His Steps. 

Happy Easter to you and your families. 



Saturday, 23 March 2013

Winter Returns!

I should have known that I was being far too hopeful when I posted those photographs of Spring flowers! 

Today I awoke to .....

Winter has returned with snow and freezing temperatures and strong, bitter winds. It feels like I will never get my garden started! I have the ideas and the seeds and the motivation but the weather isn't playing fair .... I miss the sunshine! 



Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Is Spring Here?

Not yet I think! There are some flowers emerging but there are repeated snow warnings and harsh frosts. We had snow just last week! I just want to be out in the garden. Can you hear the pout in that statement? 

Here are a few of the flowers that survived the last snowfall. Luckily only a few inches of snow fell and it faded away quickly. My primula and cyclamen plants are surviving but my blackcurrant and redcurrant plants are looking ..... a little sickly. There is still hope though! 



Sunday, 17 March 2013

Growing in Grace.

This is a little passage from the Still Waters book which touched my heart as I read it and I felt called to share it! 

Many a time a Christian is despondent over the little spiritual progress that is made. What should be done then? Look up to the God of peace, reconciled in Christ. He carried out His holy will in Christ, and raised Him from the dead. He can raise you too from the spiritual deadness you deplore. He can "make you perfect in every good work" - not, perhaps, to do all you desire, but to do His will. He can work within you  what He approves, and through the teaching, the example, the grace, the finished work of Jesus. Look away from self to Him.

John Hall

Look away from self to Him. How I needed to hear this! Too often I get caught up in what I want, what I think is best, and my plans totally disregarding the plan that God already has set in place for me. I am a worrier. This is something that I really struggle with! So many of my worries are about earthly things and they fade away when I focus on God and His Word. There is a hint there for me! When I focus on the worldly I am more likely to be discontent, stressed, and worried. When I focus on God's Word I feel secure, contented, and safe. 

I know what I need to do. I need to spend daily time in God's Word. Not rushed time or just ticking something off my to do list but really reading the scripture and thinking and praying about applying it to my life. Repetition and making it into part of my daily routine should hopefully help me be more committed and less likely to skip a day. 



Saturday, 16 March 2013

Good Morning Girls - Spring 2013.

The new session of Good Morning Girls has been announced! I am really excited as I skipped the last study but am now feeling renewed and refreshed and ready to really dig into God's Word. This session is called Living and Leading Like Jesus and the information is available on the GMG Blog as well as FAQs and a forum. 

The enrolment runs from 15th March to 25th March. 

The study runs from 25th March to 17th May. 

Good Morning Girls is amazing! All the materials are free and it is just such a good way to get to know fellow believers and to share your journey with others. The study guides are always informative and it is all designed to help you understand the Bible and to get closer to God. It is quite a commitment but so worth it! I guarantee that if you put the time and effort into reading the verses and sharing with your group you will be blessed by the study. 

I am planning on leading a group on either Facebook or Yahoo. I am not sure which yet as Facebook is so easy to use but it is quite a temptation. I think it will be a group aimed at new(ish!) believers like me and also people who perhaps don't have other believers in their lives. If you would be interested in committing to this study let me know! 

There is a forum on the GMG page where all the groups will be listed. If past studies are anything to go by, there will be a group for everyone from home school mums to those with empty nests. Pop on over and have a look! The study guide is free so you have nothing to lose by checking it out! 



Saturday, 9 March 2013

A Walk by the Canal.

Walking a different route! I don't have many photographs to share this time which makes a change! It was a bit early for the leaves and flowers to be out and looking pretty. Plus keeping an eye on Doris took most of my attention. She likes water! 

There were snowdrops blooming in clumps all along the hedgerow. Spring must really be on the way! 

The view down the canal. This is a walk that my parents often take but I don't frequently accompany them. Doris came too! I wish I had a quarter of her energy as we walked for over 2 hours and she showed no signs of slowing down! 

The canal water looks so murky here! I was so excited to see swans. I assumed that they would be easier to photograph than little birds that fly away too fast but they had their heads under the water most of the time. Not the most elegant of positions! 

They just looked so graceful as they were gliding across the canal. Away from me and my camera! 

It was a cool day but the sun was shining brightly. It felt like all the potential of Spring was just waiting to burst out! 



Friday, 1 March 2013

Adding Spring Colour to the Garden.

The patch of garden under the huge silver birch tree was looking a little dull so I took a trip to a nearby garden centre. All the sweet shop colours were so tempting! I already have tulip and daffodil bulbs in that patch of garden along with irises but they won't be flowering for a while. 

I wanted something that would grow well in the shadow of the tree and thought that a cyclamen plant would be perfect! These are a hardy variety that suit woodland and shady areas. There were some other varieties that had bigger and brighter flowers but these looked so delicate and more like the flowers you would find on a country walk. 

I also picked up a tray of 6 primula plants. There was such a selection of colours and all looked so cheerful and happy. I admit that it took me quite a while to decide which tray had the perfect mix of colours! I planted them this morning and they look so bold against the dark soil. 

These are planted where my failed salad leaves were last year! Hopefully they will survive and provide colour to fight off the Winter gloom for a while. 

What is blooming in your garden?