Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Random Post - Wednesday 6th February 2013.

Just a random update for today! 

The weather is a bit crazy here. Some snow today that didn't settle as well as strong winds and heavy rain. I need to get out and weed my plot! On the plus side all the grey weather means that my Spring cleaning urges haven't kicked in yet. I am sure it will soon as the days get longer. I am so looking forward to lighter mornings and longer evenings! 

I really want to get back into working through Personal Help for Girls and posting my progress chapter by chapter on here. I felt like I was making doing well but tailed off after chapter 4. I liked posting about each chapter as it really made me think about what I was reading and how I could apply it to my life. 

I have been struggling a bit lately. I really struggle to say no to people and I end up taking on all sorts! I am going to work out what the essential things that I need to do are, cut down on things that are just dragging me down and making me stressed, and add in those things that I really enjoy and want to do. Those things that get pushed out far too easily! The crafting and homemaking tasks that I so enjoy learning and yet recently have had little time for. 

I was recently sent a book called The Upward Way by a pen pal. Such a lovely book! It is published by Rod & Staff and I was so impressed that I have ordered 4 more titles from them. Expect book reviews as I finish them! 

I am busy planning my garden projects for the year! Raised beds are looking like a real option after the flood issues last year. I have a collection of seeds and am reading up on how, when, and where to plant them in various magazines and books. I am also looking into ideas for limited garden space as my plot is pretty small. 

Some of my gardening information! The dark days of Winter seem to have dragged on for so long. The days are gradually becoming longer though which makes me feel much more positive! 




  1. We have a small garden we have 4 small raised beds & lots of troughs & pots, hubby keeps us in veg for most of the year & some summer gluts to share with the family.

    1. Wow - he must be organised then!

      My patch is 8 foot by 6 foot but I have my trees elsewhere in the garden and room for some pots. There are so many options! x