Wednesday, 13 February 2013


I think I am going through a quarter life crisis! I have been taking a hard look at my life and how I live it and working on improving things. I want to do something meaningful. Something that matters and makes a little difference. I am looking into doing another qualification but am struggling to decide what to do! Something interesting but useful. I don't want to rush into any decision about which course as they are very expensive. An opportunity to work on my budgeting skills! 

I am also researching various opportunities to volunteer. I feel drawn to working with older people so am looking at the local care homes to find something that fits around both my job and my home duties. I would love to go in and visit with some of the elderly residents! I just want to keep learning and experiencing new things. I am constantly learning in regards to my faith and homemaking skills but work is a little more ..... stagnant. I have been praying about what to do because, while I enjoy the work that I do, I am finding the atmosphere quite trying. 

I think that it is something that we all search for. That chance to make a difference to others and to help them. I am lucky in my position as a daughter at home that I do have the freedom to explore these options while still balancing my other responsibilities. I feel a call to help others and I don't feel that I should ignore that. I am thinking of doing a qualification relating to care or maybe counselling. There are so many options! 

Looking at my life I spend quite a lot of time at work and quite a lot on home duties but I fritter away my spare time watching television shows that are not edifying or reading magazines that are not beneficial. I am taking control! I am being far more careful with how I choose to spend my time. We only get a certain number of hours in a day. Not enough to be able to casually throw so many away! Not that I will be cutting out fun! I have many enjoyable hobbies such as writing to pen pals, crafting, and gardening but I sometimes struggle to fit these in. With better organisation and self control I expect that I will find that I actually have more free time. 




  1. My position is similar in that I feel called to serve God in at lest SOME capacity while being a housewife with a family, house and pets to care for. Poor health is part of the mix too.

    1. That is it - I want to do something that helps others but I still have home and work duties. I am still looking into various volunteer options - really leaning towards spending time with care home residents though! x