Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Most Important Thing a Woman Wears ...

is the expression on her face! 

Thoughts and attitudes create facial expressions that can make or mar a woman's beauty. Bad thinking habits can distort features in such a way, that no adroit application of cosmetics can ever overcome. Polish up your Inner Glow. Healthy, creative, happy thoughts can amount to a beauty treatment more effective than a thousand facials. 

Facial expression can be trained. The art of learning attractive facial expression is twofold. Begin with the thoughts that prompt pleasant expression and deliberately practice those expressions. The more you practice both, the more spontaneous they become. 

Teach yourself to smile. 

A dazzling smile makes any woman's face prettier. Yet many women have difficulty in bringing the smile they feel in their hearts up to their lips. 

Practice this exercise to develop your smiling muscles: Look into a mirror and smile the biggest, broadest smile you can muster. Hold the smile by tightening the facial muscles. Your fingers can feel the tightening of the muscles and the skin on the cheeks and under the jaw. Do this as often as you can. The more the smiling muscles are exercised, the more easily they will react to a spontaneous signal. Like all muscles, those which are seldom used eventually fail to respond.

Develop a radiant expression. 

A warm, appealing expression brings beauty to the face. Many of the women you think of as beautiful are in reality endowed with only ordinary features, yet they make us believe they are beautiful by means of facial expression. It is the expression that magnetises your senses, not the face itself. 

By consciously training your face to wear an attractive expression, you will be taking a giant step up the ladder of beauty. Keep the corners of your mouth turned upward as much as possible. Even when you are listening to, or discussing a serious subject, there is no need for the mouth to take on a downward droop. The down lines are ageing lines. Learn to avoid them. 

Smiles are habit forming. What is more, they are contagious. People are all searching for happiness. They naturally gravitate toward the woman who looks happy. Her cheerful, life-is-a-wonderful-thing expression draws others to her because they hope to share that happiness themselves.  

Taken from Secrets of Poise, Personality and Model Beauty by John Robert Powers.



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