Friday, 11 January 2013

The Maiden's Menu.

It is no secret that I love the King's Blooming Rose magazine so I was so excited to see a cookbook on the webpage! I love the name too!

From the introduction -

Your efforts in the kitchen can be a huge blessing to your family. The atmosphere of the home kitchen will largely be the deciding factor about whether or not your family will want to spend time there. When they come to the kitchen, are they encouraged, or do they come to see a pile of dirty dishes and cluttered counters? Just as you enjoy being made welcome in this room, others do, too. Add "little extras" like a fresh bouquet of flowers on the tabletop for others to enjoy. When your family members enter for a snack or meal, make them welcome and attend to their needs.

I love this! I think that daughters at home really do have a special role to play. Generally, we have more time to add those extra little touches and to play around creatively in the kitchen, and we should make the most of this! After a full week at work I may not feel like going to the effort of making bread but I know that my family enjoy and appreciate it.

Some recipes that immediately jumped out at me were Pumpkin French Toast, Coconut Chicken, Pumpkin Butterscotch Muffins, and Chicken Parmesan Fingers. Yum!  

I think that my favourite parts of the book, even more than the recipes, are the in the kitchen sections. This is where a young lady is interviewed about their favourite recipes, their lives, and just some general questions. It is fascinating! 

I can hardly wait to have some spare time to try a few recipes. I never seem to have free time at the moment so need to get myself organised and give more of a priority to continuing to learn home making skills. 




  1. I would love to get this cook book!! I entered a give away last week for it but ,as usual , didn't win.:( Congratulations on owning a great cook book! ~Taylor Audrey

    1. I have never managed to win a giveaway either!

      I think I will be having another one here in the Spring! x

  2. Hi Jenny, hope you don't mind, I re-posted your post on REM books on UK Scrappers and linked to here - these are called 'Smash Books' and there's a huge fashion for them atm (um, if you're a dedicated scrapbooker I apologise for telling you stuff you already know, LOL!)

    1. Awww thank you for the link!

      I don't know much at all about scrapbooking - the books always look so pretty and creative though! x