Saturday, 26 January 2013

Cosy Evening Plans.

Brrr! I got cold today while taking the dogs for their walks and on my wander into town. Plus I have had to change my clothes as I have got them wet twice! I am never a happy bunny when I have freezing cold feet! 

Settling down for a cosy evening in. Slippers on my feet and a hot wheat bag by my side. Perfect for a snowy evening! 

I still haven't read all of Keepers at Home magazine and I am knitting (another) dish cloth too. Nice and relaxing! I saw these teabags in the supermarket yesterday and picked them up as they were on offer. They sound lovely and I am really hoping that they taste delicious! 

I am lighting another Yankee candle too. This time it is buttercream which smells so nice but makes me hungry! After a stressful week I am looking forward to a little bit of peace! 

What do you do on a cosy evening at home?




  1. My cozy evenings are about the same :-) I crochet rather than knit and am making a scarf; I also love tea but would probably make a scalding hot mug of hot chocolate and sit in my corner of the couch with a good book :-) Yankee candles are lovely but many scents make my husband sneeze so he got me a balsam fir one that I like.

  2. I love to cuddle up by the fire with either a good book or my knitting. I enjoy tea or hot cocoa, and a nice soft quilt on my lap. I also like to plan my garden during the wintertime, by the time spring arrives I'm too busy for the planning stages and need to be ready to get out there and get planting. We have had plenty of opportunities for cold nights here lately, last week we were in the negative digits every night and some days too!

  3. sounds perfect to me!
    I'm crocheting an afghan right now. We often gather in the living room together and Dad reads from scripture and a read-aloud book (currently Pilgrims Progress)
    stopping by from Raising Homemakers