Sunday, 23 December 2012

My Christmas Ornaments 2012.

I thought I would share pictures of a few of the decorations on my Christmas tree this year. Nothing fancy at all! I like cute decorations more than the all matching look! 

I love this little angel! She looks like she is wrapped up warm for a snowy walk and has little golden wings. 

I have four of the Tatty Teddy decorations. Adorable! This one is dressed as an elf and the others are dressed as Father Christmas, a gingerbread man, and the little drummer boy. 

I love sparkle! I know that some people think that tinsel is tacky but I love how it shimmers when the fairy lights are on. It gives a magical look! 

My little robin just perched on an upper branch! 

This silver heart decoration is new this year but I really like it! It was a gift from the hospice that I am involved with so is special to me. 

Finally this is my angel! She must be at least 20 years old but is so pretty. I am always sure to wrap her up carefully after Christmas. 

Do you have any decorations that are special to you? 




  1. I also love the little angel in the first picture :-) She looks very vintage and classic.

    I have two special ornaments. When I was a child my mother got me my own little toy Christmas tree, probably so I would leave the real one alone, and she gave me two very small and fragile things to put on it. One was a bunch of grapes in red glass and the other a bell that was clear with painted stripes. I still have them. i think they must have been hers before she married so they might be seventy years old now. None of the other ornaments matched these, and I've never seen any like them.

  2. such pretty ornaments !! Merry Christmas!!

  3. I have read of a couple of lovely Christmas ideas - in the spirit of building a child's hope chest, the parents bought her a christmas decoration every year. For the first time, I have bought myself a lovely one - a Lilliput Lane cottage, small, thatched roof covered in snow, with a bright light from the front window - it even has a little gold Christmas garland on the red front door. Another lady I met on holiday this year buys a tree decoration from everywhere she visits on holiday.

  4. Also, I have found some gorgeous knitting patterns (free on the internet) for christmas decorations, including one for a gingerbread house!