Sunday, 18 November 2012

Vintage Tray Cloth.

I saw this on eBay and added it to my watch list straight away! I felt sure that it would have a few bids on it but when I checked back with 5 minutes to go there were no bids at all. I placed a bid and crossed my fingers! I couldn't even watch as the minutes counted down. Amazingly I won! This beautiful cloth and napkin cost me a huge 85p. 

It is a really clever design. The napkin slots in behind the butterfly! It needs ironing but other than that there are no holes or flaws. 

I think it must be quite old as the fabric has faded a little. That just adds to the charm for me! The stitches are so tiny and neat. I wish that I could sew like that! 

It makes me want to play tea parties! I used to love doing that as a child with my teddies and dollies around me. I am a little worried about using it in case I spill something on it. I tend to keep things for best but then they just get put in a box and not given the love and appreciation they deserve. 



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  1. Well done! It is beautiful and I know it has a good home. I don't know if this will help you over whether or not to use it, but I once kept beautiful things for high days and holidays. One day, cleaning the china cabinet, I broke a beautiful crystal goblet that had only been used a few times. It had been kept in a cabinet almost all it's life and was in shards. Gosh, this is starting to sound like a sad story indeed. Ever since then, I have used everything I own, in turn, loving and cherishing them while using them, for few things are as heartbreaking than to watch something rot away in a drawer, or break without bringing the beauty into our lives, and fulfilling it's purpose. C♥