Sunday, 4 November 2012

My New Sewing Machine.

I have a new sewing machine! Well, it is new to me! I think it is so beautiful and am so excited. I am already planning all the little crafty things that I can make on it. 

I have loved the look of the old Singer sewing machines for a long time. I was even briefly tempted by the new limited edition Singer that looks like an old one. Albeit a plastic one. 

My Dad bought this one at an auction and I fell in love with it as soon as he brought it home. His plan was to sell it but, as I loved it so much, he gave it to me. Such a lucky girl! 

Apologies for the poor photographs! It was getting a bit dark when I was taking them but I just couldn't wait! 

Isn't it beautiful! Looking at the reference number I think that the machine was made around 1939. This one only does straight stitch with no back stitch or zig zag. Luckily I wasn't particularly used to the electric sewing machine so it shouldn't be too much of a learning curve. If I want to make bigger things I will use the modern machine but this one is suited to smaller projects. Plus it is so quiet! 

Just look at the detail on the end plate!  This machine has obviously been well looked after as it so clean and well maintained. There is a little scuffing on the black paint but it just adds to the charm for me! 

The hand crank! When I dreamed of having an old Singer I imagined one with a treadle. I think it will take a bit of getting used to! I will have to learn to sew with one hand while the other hand turns the handle. 

There are all these little accessories in the end compartment and there was a box of extra feet too. Not all of the feet are for this machine but most have serial numbers so I can research them. There was a guide book as well but that is from 1962 so it is a fair bit newer than this machine! 

The sewing machine lives in a box that looks just like an old suitcase! All neat and tidy! I just need to find a sturdy folding table and then I will be ready to go. I would love a sewing room but we just don't have space for it. Hence the need for a folding table! 




  1. Oh my goodness! That is gorgeous! I hope you have many happy days of sewing with it! <3

  2. I'm pleased you chose to keep it! It is, indeed, a little beauty. I had a hand cranked one, but foolishly let it go in part-ex when I got my Frister and Rossman electric machine some 40 years ago. Boy, did I think I was the bees knees with it; the only student with an electric machine outside of school. I still have it, it still works. The old machines are more reliable and a lot less bother than the new computerised ones in plastic housing. I am on the look out for a hand cranked one again, and if push comes to shove you can sew in a power cut (by candle light, of course!) I am looking forward to seeing what you make very soon.

  3. Thank you for posting this. My sister bought a $3,000. sewing machine. I still use my old industrial machine (looks like an old Singer) and it does not zigzag either. I don't miss it. It's a much stronger, sturdier machine. I don't need a fancy machine. I can do pretty much anything on my straight stitch machine. Best wishes, Linda

  4. They are truly long living and very reliable! It is beautiful. I know you'll enjoy sewing on it. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a Beautiful Wednesday,

  5. Oh my! It is lovely and I'm sure you will enjoy using it. How fun that you could sew even without electricity! I think someday we will all wish that we had something a little more old-fashioned and reliable.

  6. Love it!! It's gorgeous!

    Dh recently bought me Singer with the Sphinx design on it that drops down into a cabinet (treadle). I called Singer and found out it's a 1901 Model 27 that came out on Feb. 2, 1901.

  7. Your sewing machine looks vintage. Good thing you have a case to keep that. I think this lovely machine deserves to be well taken care of to preserve its beauty. Do you already have a folding table for sewing? #Mana Smoot