Saturday, 24 November 2012

Healthy Habits.

So I am on a bit of a health kick! I have been neglecting myself quite a bit for quite a while. It is so easy to get caught up in all the other things that are going on like home, family, friends, work, Bible study and everything else and then my health gets put to the bottom of the pile. Then I get tired and sluggish and moody! 

It would be so easy to just ignore this and keep eating rubbish until Spring! The dark mornings and evenings aren't all that motivating to me and I tend to want stodgy comfort food when the weather is colder! 

I am working on adding in all those healthy habits that I know I should be doing but .... well .... just don't do! I have been increasing the amount of water I am drinking and eating healthy food. I have cut out fizzy pop completely and am working on replacing my unhealthy snacks with better alternatives. 

These are a recent find! Tasty, nutritious and portable! I ordered a mixed box of bars and raisins as I had only tried one type of bar before. These snacks are wheat and dairy free with no added sugar and many provide one of your five a day. I love the cola flavoured raisins especially as I have given up drinking cola and the banana bread and apple pie bars are yummy! 

I am not following any set diet plan but am reading through these books and adding more raw food into my diet. I am trying really hard to cut back significantly on the amount of processed food that I eat. It is so easy to just grab a sandwich on a lunchtime and to then be tempted by crisps, fizzy pop, cakes and pastry. I have had salad for lunch most days this week. I am still cheating a little and buying salad boxes from the supermarket as they just contain salad leaves with a mix of tomato, carrot, beetroot and cabbage. Generally I add a bit of low fat cottage cheese or cooked chicken to them just to add flavour and to keep me full. Less chance of being tempted by sweets in an afternoon when I don't have that sugar drop! 

I have finally worked up the courage to go to a Zumba class too. I thought that it sounded like fun as well as being a good work out but I have very little coordination so was more than a little nervous! I felt sure I would make a complete fool of myself but everyone was really friendly and the instructor was so energetic and bubbly. I spent most of the class giggling and the hour flew by! I enjoyed it so much that I went to another Zumba class the very next evening. I am going to go at least once a week but intend to go twice most weeks. I slept so well after it and woke up feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed! 

I am also trying to reduce my stress levels as I tend to take things far too personally and get myself all worked up. Plus I am a bit of a worrier! I feel so motivated at the moment and am already looking forward to my next Zumba class! It turns out that I like healthy food and exercise. Who knew!

The thing that I am finding the hardest is my lack of willpower. There always seems temptation or other at work! In the last week I have turned down chocolate, toasted teacakes, cake, sweets, and hardest of all a bacon sandwich. 




  1. I just found your blog today. I wanted to comment on this post. I too am always trying to incorporate healthy habits into my life, but it is a struggle. Sometimes my struggle is with time and organization and not will-power per se. I have found that when I think ahead, it is much easier to stay on track.

    I was able to change my stressed out, worried perspective a few years ago, but I wouldn't want anyone to go through my particular experience. You see, I faced death, and that showed me that most things are actually not life-or-death as we make them out to be. If we are given the gift of today, we have hope. If you are a believer in Jesus, you have even more hope. Now it takes a whole lot to get me stressed out.

    One more thought - enjoy the beauty in your life every day. Do not save for later. There is no reason to. Today is worth celebrating!

  2. The above reply has excellent advice! I am struggling to live healthier too and find it very hard in my busy household.