Saturday, 10 November 2012

Festive Candles.

I love candles! The warm, flickering light and the wonderful scents .... so perfect for a dark evening. Most of my candles are Yankee Candles as I just love the choice of scents. Plus they have lots of sweet and food type scents which are my favourites. 

I bought three of the smallest jars this time. I had never seen Sugared Apple before so bought it on a whim. It does smell nice in the jar but I don't think it will become a favourite. Spiced Orange is a really strong scent. Really festive to me! Oranges decorated with cloves. I am really looking forward to burning this one! I bought another Christmas Cupcake candle too as I love this scent and it is one that I buy over and over. It is so sweet smelling but not sickly. A really comforting smell that reminds me of days spent baking! 

Currently I am burning a medium sized Christmas Eve candle. A little early I know! Most of my candles are floral and garden scents as those where on offer the last time I went to stock up. Christmas Eve doesn't smell overwhelmingly festive though but it fills the whole room with such a cosy scent. For some reason I find that the medium candles don't burn evenly and they leave a lot of wasted wax around the edges. 

I can't wait to start burning these especially the Spiced Orange one but I still have a way to go with my current candle. I don't like swapping candles half way through and then having left overs. I much prefer to finish one candle before moving on to the next but I am so impatient! Another reason to move onto the small jars! 

What is your favourite candle scent?




  1. I adore Yankee Candles, but I use the tarts in some plain white tart warmers that blend into any decorating scheme. I love the spicy scents, and cannot name just one! For me, buying the tarts (or tealights or votives) is a great way to ring in the changes without waiting to burn a larger candle. My most favourite of all, I think was the now discontinued Jack Frost, a delicious pepperminty pine that smelled like winter outdoors. I also love Witches Brew (Patchouli) but couldn't find that this year either. So many fragrances to choose from! I love Pink Lady Slipper, Ocean Breeze, Nature's Paintbrush, Farmer's Market, Beach Walk . . I have a drawer full of tarts waiting to burn because I always pick up a selection when I am in town. C♥

  2. My favorite Yankee Candle is Fresh Cut Roses! I adore pink and my home has many pink roses as part of the decor, so it blends in perfectly! A tip I have for uneven burning candles is to use one of the lamp shades on top of the candle that Yankee Candles sells. You can get them in all sorts of designs and they burn the candles evenly, down to the bottom!