Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Christmas House.

I saw this at the garden centre yesterday and just fell in love! I have wanted one of those light up Christmas buildings for so long but they always seem to have people on them. There was one at the garden centre that was a town square with a Christmas tree in the middle and couples dancing around it .... all sounds very cute but the people were taller than the tree! 

This one is just a little plainer and more of a Winter lodge. That means it can be out on display for longer! There has been snow over here already, although not locally, so this little house is out now! 

I can just imagine being inside this little lodge with the snow falling outside. Snuggled down under a quilt with a good book! 

It will have to live on the spare bit of my television table as it needs to be plugged in. Luckily it only covers the tiniest bit of the screen! 




  1. I can imagine curled up in the cabin with a good book, too. (Have you read a good one lately?) This lighted cabin is so true to life. A friend made me a church that lights up and I enjoy that, too.

  2. I love these winter village buildings. My children chipped in together one year and bought me several - a set really. But it is so much work to put it up that I don't always. (I have to move books off the shelves, etc.) I'm glad you are enjoying your snug little house. ;o)