Sunday, 28 October 2012

Snow! Well ... Sort Of!

The weather man said that there would be snow and yesterday morning I awoke to the tiniest sprinkling! How exciting to have snow in October. 

I love the look of snow especially if I am all cosy at home! I like to walk on fresh snow and feel that crunch under my feet but once it turns to slush and ice the appeal just vanishes. I really don't like walking and slip sliding on ice! 

It really feels like Winter is on the way! 




  1. I love snow! We seldom see it in the far west where I live, thanks to the Gulf Stream mainly. Get yourself a pair of Winter Trax. Take a tad of getting used to, but so, so worth it. I survived the ice of Iceland for four years with similar.
    Try QVC and type 'Winter Trax' into their search box.

    1. Now they look useful!

      I will have to order some - anything that helps me be less like Bambi on ice is a worthwhile purchase!

  2. We got some snow too! Even though I don't always look forward to the cold temperatures, it's always exciting to have snow :)

    1. I quite like the cold! Especially when I am indoors drinking hot chocolate!