Thursday, 18 October 2012

Pink Scarf.

I am knitting (yet another) scarf! This one is alternating rows of knit and purl which is giving me plenty of opportunity with purling. 

The wool is really easy to knit with and I am using big needles. Hopefully it will knit up fast! The weather is really cooling down here and this will make such a cosy scarf. The wool feels almost like marshmallow! 

I have just finished one in the same type of wool but in midnight blue for my Mum. That was all knit stitch though. I didn't want to go wrong on her scarf! I am almost to the point where knitting is relaxing now but I am still nervous about tackling a pattern! 




  1. Oh! it looks like a marshmallow too! Such a gorgeous colour. Happy Knitting!

  2. What kind of yarn is that? I would love to have a scarf in that!

    1. The wool is called Garland and it is produced by King Cole.

      This pink one is in Mulberry and the deep blue one was called Midnight.

      I hope you can find some! It is fun to knit with and has little sparkles in it!

    2. Thanks!! I will have to look for some of that next time I go yarn shopping.I am knitting a hat right now.I think a hat would be really cozy in that yarn too!:)Keep up the good work!