Tuesday, 16 October 2012

God's Creed.

Man's creed is apt to be a long one; God's creed is very short. Short as it is, however, you will have no time to spare if you shape your years according to its requirements. 

Love, Faith, Peace - these are the golden keys which hang at the girdle when man is his best self; they unlock the mysteries of the present, and draw the bolt in the door of the future. 

G. H. Hepworth

How often do we complicate things, especially things that should be simple? Love, Faith, and Peace. Not easy things to live by and they would provide constant challenges. So hard and requiring constant self correction but complicated? No. 

Love all, live in Faith, and promote Peace. Loving all is tough for me. I tend to make snap judgements about people, I can be drawn into gossip and a sarcastic tongue is something I battle with. I feel that my faith is strong and yet I still have a lot more learning and growing to do. I still get faith wobbles and times of doubt. Promoting peace is another tough one! How often do I get involved in gossip? Not even by actually saying anything but by being present during such conversations and not speaking out against them. Promoting peace to me means not taking sides and seeing all points of view. 

I don't know why I try to complicate things! Perhaps the goal sounds more worthy when it is complicated by pages of rules and regulations. It all serves as a distraction though and clouds the true path. Getting caught up in the day to day niggles of life without cutting through to the heart of the matter. We are instructed to love one another and, with God's constant help, I am working on this. He won't give up on me so I won't give up trying and searching and striving. 




  1. True but as we learned in our verses for today, we are free from rules and regulations. Simply love, stay at peace with others, as much as is possible for you, Faith, walk in faith, believing God for His promises, instead of going by what you think and feel. Easy...no, it takes intentional work, but not so complicated either.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Jenny! So true!! I liked the quote.:)
    ~Taylor Audrey

    1. I have a little book called Still Waters that has lots of thought provoking quotes in it.

      I will probably be sharing more!