Sunday, 21 October 2012

Art Group Update.

A few people have asked me if I am still going to the art group so I thought I would do an update. I am still attending but missed one week, the next week was the AGM, and the week after that was a pastels demonstration. So I haven't been drawing much! This last week was back to normal though so here are my latest doodles. 

I love the style of Beatrix Potter. Her adorable animal drawings just jump off the page! They all have so much character and life. Plus her pictures are quite small and detailed so I thought they would be ideally suited while I am attempting to improve my sketching skills. 

Not much to show for two hours drawing time! Well ..... two hours less time spent chatting! 

Alien bunny! This one didn't go very well. The head looks odd and the proportions just don't look correct.

Mummy and baby bunny. This one went a little better. I tend to jump from one bit of the drawing to another quite a lot and, in this picture, my rabbits ended up too far apart! 

Peter Rabbit! This is the one that I really took my time on and thankfully the pose and proportions worked out quite well. I think he looks a little shocked! I thought that a similar drawing perhaps with some festive additions would make a nice Christmas card. Not exactly time effective though! 

Do you make your own Christmas cards, tags or wrapping paper? 




  1. Jenny, you draw beautifully. I think you have a real talent! I do not make wrapping paper (yet) but do make all my cards and tags for Christmas and occassions all year 'round. DebC♥

  2. Awww thank you!

    I make birthday and Christmas cards but they are pretty basic. I really want to cross stitch some but I am really slow. They would have to be for Christmas 2 years from now!