Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The King's Blooming Rose Magazine - Summer 2012.

I am so excited that my order from King's Blooming Rose has arrived! I had forgotten to renew my subscription so was missing a few issues and decided to order them recently. I saw the book called The Family Daughter on the website and thought it looked really interesting. There don't seem to be many books aimed at adult daughters at home. It can be a difficult thing to adjust to so seeing this book was such a blessing. I couldn't resist the pretty book marks either! 

I was thrilled to get home and see a parcel with the KBR label on it! I try not to get impatient waiting for things I order from America. So many of the books, DVDs and magazines that inspire me just aren't available in England. There isn't an equivalent of KBR published over here. I am not really sure why but I am so grateful that I can order these things on the internet knowing that they wing their way to me quickly! 

The Summer 2012 issue is all about preparing to be a homemaker. Wonderful! This is perfect timing as I have been working on my practical skills but wanted to learn more about the spiritual side. KBR is one of the few magazines where I read every page! This issue is no exception with articles about the heart of homemaking, a holy calling and fleeing complacency. 

I am planning to review The Family Daughter when I have finished reading it. I am on to chapter three already!

The King's Blooming Rose website also has a monthly forum as well as on-line articles. There are two additional articles on the subject of homemaking on the site at the moment and both are well worth a read.




  1. that book is great! i havn't finished it myself, but everytime i pick it up it is a refreshment!