Saturday, 11 August 2012

Flowers by the Bed.

I love having fresh flowers in my bedroom! These are sweet peas fresh from the garden. I think they are such a pretty and feminine flower! They smell so wonderful too and I love the variety of colours that are available.

I just look at them and smile! They are so delicate with their frilled petals and dainty stems. I only wish that they lasted longer. Sweet peas always seem like such a ladylike flower! Gracefully bowing their heads in the breeze as if they are saying "How do you do?"




  1. They are sweet and as lovely as can be. Looks like you have a variety of colours....lucky you!

  2. Quintessentially English summer fragrance and colour! So beautiful. How was the pumpkin pie, btw?

  3. Tina - I just scattered a seed mix and was lucky enough to get all the different colours!

    Deborah - The pie was delicious! I will definitely be making another!