Friday, 17 August 2012

Common Things Glorified.

Quotes from a book called Still Waters.

Our Lord calls His people always to be helpers in blessing this world. We cannot do much. The best we can bring is a little of the common water of earth; but if we bring that to Him, He can change it into the rich wine of heaven, which will bless weary and fainting ones. If we take simply what we have and use it as He commands, it will do good. Moses had only a rod in his hand, but with this he wrought great wonders. The disciples had only five barley-loaves, but these, touched by Christ's hand, made a feast for thousands. The common water, carried by the servants, under the Master's benediction became wine for the wedding. 
J.R. Miller

I like this quote. So often I feel like I can't make a difference in the world. Thinking of people making a huge difference or doing one thing that changes the world. What I failed to realise was that life isn't about making one big display. It is about being inspired to try to live up to the example that Jesus sets every day and in every interaction that we have. Not just the public ones. Not just the ones that get recognition. The common acts of kindness that go unnoticed by the masses. God notices! Anyone can make a difference if they are willing to allow God to guide them. The bit that I find hard is to yield my opinions to those of God. To do what He knows is right for me rather than what I think is best. He can use me if I can just get over my pride over the idea of being a small part in a big plan rather than a big part in a small plan! 

Making a regular weekly visit to the local residential home rather than attending a one off attention attracting charity event. Choosing to sit and listen to an old lady recounting her story rather than taking centre stage and talking about me, me, me. Something that I am learning is that a good deed doesn't need wide acclaim. I don't need worldly praise for doing what I should be doing anyway. 

Little things really do make a difference. It may take the form of a friend struggling or a charity requiring a volunteer. It could be anything! I need to keep my eyes and my heart open for these opportunities to do God's will. What a blessing to have the chance to brighten the lives of the people around us even for a short time. How incredible is it to be an example to others. It is quite scary to think that I might be the only Christian that someone interacts with today. Do I show God's love through my actions? Am I setting a good example or would that person think "Oh, Christians are as bad as I thought, always moaning or gossiping." How sad that would be. What a wasted opportunity! My actions can have either a positive or negative influence. God doesn't force us to be a bright light for Him. It is my choice to use what He gives me for good. 

This quiet, commonplace, unnoticed man, going his faithful way in his dull dress which makes no mark and draws no eye, doing his duty insignificantly and thoroughly, winning so unobtrusively at last his mater's praise, ought to be interesting to us all. 

He ought to be interesting, because he represents so much the largest element in universal human life.  The average man is by far the most numerous man. The man who goes beyond the average, the man who falls short of the average, both of them, by their very definition, are exceptions. They are the outskirts and fringes, the capes and promontories, of humanity. The great continent of human life is made up of the average existences, the mass of two-talented capacity and actions. 

Phillips Brooks




  1. What a beautifully written sharing of thoughts this morning. Thank you. Blessings.

  2. Amen! This gives me hope :-)

  3. This was a blessing. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. I love the Still Waters book! It belonged to my grandmother and it is just full of wisdom!