Sunday, 12 August 2012

An Early Taste of Autumn.

It is so hot today and the air feels heavy. I am longing for Autumn with the chill breeze and turning leaves. I am already getting excited for Christmas! I blame the craft magazines! Next month, all the Christmas gift and craft projects start and I can hardly wait to get on with it. I want to make a few handmade gifts this year but, as I am so slow, I need to give myself plenty of time. Especially as I want to make some gifts for my pen pals so I need to allow for posting time. 

I am hoping for an old fashioned Autumn! The weather since last Autumn has been odd and unsettled. I am daydreaming of walks through trees covered in blazing leaves and seeing the frost sparkle on the ground. I am trying to restrain myself from singing Christmas songs! 

In line with this Autumn craving I decided to make a pie that always seemed like the perfect pie of the season. Pumpkin! I haven't made a pie before but I used pastry made from scratch even though I used canned pumpkin. A slight cheat I know! 

It seemed to take forever to cook! I think my dish was a little too deep even though I had some leftover filling. 

I was worried that something would go wrong with it and was constantly peering into the oven to check progress. Apart from my pastry leaves sinking, it turned out well and tasted delicious! 

I really enjoyed making the pie. Loved it in fact! I have 3 more tins of pumpkin as I ordered quite a few at once as I can't find them locally. So I will have more chances to develop my skills. I have always been a bit scared of making pies as it always seemed like quite an advanced skill. It was fun though from making the pastry right through to eating a slice of pie with vanilla ice cream! 

What is your favourite pie? 




  1. This looks spot on delicious Jenny. I grow pie pumpkins and make pie from scratch, but I confess to a preference for pie made with Libby's canned pumpkin. Canned pumpkin is dryer than fresh pumpkin, no matter how hard you try to dry it out, which really helps the set of the pie. I always add extra spice to mine and slightly less sugar.

    You did very well not to burn the crust, which is easily done (speaks from years of experience) as it is in the oven for ever!

    I have a couple cans in the cupboard, and might just have to make one today now ;-) I do want to try a curried pumpkin pie this year too, as a savoury option. I think it will work well.

    Autumn is definitely in the air . . and you won't be alone with your preparations for Christmas for long!

  2. Jenny, your pie turned out lovely! I love the pastry leaves.

  3. This is your first pumpkin pie? Congratulations on the success and well done! The pastry leaves look just perfect and if they weren't a bit embedded then it would have been more difficult to cut. Thank you for sharing this little vision of Autumn loveliness. Your description of the walk has me pining for the same thing...

  4. The pies look amazing! Great job!!
    What, people have a favorite pie? No, I LOVE them ALL!!

  5. So happy to have found your site today. Pumpkin pie is my favorite and your scrumptious looking pumpkin pie made me want to bake one ASAP. You brought back memories of the time in my life, when I was a newlywed, and it seemed that everything I cooked was an adventure. I still haven't mastered reliably attaining that perfectly browned crust edge that you did on your pie, and that's after 37 years of practice. I read back through your Older Posts and really enjoyed them.

  6. Wow, super pie! The leaf decoration is just the perfect touch. I'm wishing for autumn, too... no more hot muggy weather, please!

    God bless you!