Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A Sunny Disposition.

Every girl owes it to herself and to her associates to be sunny. A happy girlhood is so beautiful that it can not afford to be spoiled by needless frowns and pouts. There are clouds enough in life without making them out of temper. A girl who is full of smiles and sunshine is a fountain of joy to all who know her. The world has enough of tears and sorrow at best, and her sweet, smiling face can scatter untold clouds. Could a girl ask for a better calling than that of a joy-maker for all about her? 

Every girl must meet her share of bumps in life. If they do not come soon they must come late. It is impossible that she should pass through life in the sunshine all the time. She must have her share of shadow. She can not escape it. But it is not the deep shadows that generally cloud a girl's life, and make her unhappy and sullen. It is the little things, insignificant in themselves, and which could have been passed by with hardly a thought if resisted one by one, that irritate the temper and mar the happiness. Every day our girl will meet with circumstances in which she has her choice between frowning and sending back a stinging retort, or smiling and passing them by with a kind word. If she can pass these little bumps and keep sweet, then she has mastered the art of being sunny. 

From Beautiful Girlhood by Margaret Hale. 

I do love the idea of having a sunny disposition! Mostly I manage it but I totally agree with the quote above that it is those little things that niggle at your mood far more than big issues. Somehow all those little things just pile up and end up getting magnified and given more power than they deserve. What am I willing to allow to have power over me? A long queue at the post office? A rude person in a shop? These things shouldn't be given the power to impact my mood all day. They just aren't that important! If something irritates me or seems unfair in some way I tend to turn it inwards rather than outwards. This is good in a way as it doesn't upset the mood of those around me but I also have to be aware that, if I don't deal with my feelings then pray and let them go, I could end up thinking about them over and over and becoming bitter. A bitter heart would certainly be a dark shadow! 

A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition - William Arthur Ward. 



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  1. What a wonderful post! A very good reminder to all.