Saturday, 28 July 2012

Old Fashioned Proverbs.

Wise people in "olden times" were very clever in expressing their good thoughts in short sentences called "Proverbs," such as could be easily remembered, and were often a great help to those who have but a little time for reading. The excellent advice they contain cannot be easily forgotten, when once fixed in the memory, however busily we may be occupied. I will tell you a few likely to be useful. 

Early Rising. 

"The morning hour has Gold in its mouth."

"It is the early bird which catches the worm."


"What we Do by learning, we Learn by doing."

"Hope and strive is the way to thrive."

"Good onset bodes Good end."

"Gentle in manner, but vigorous in deed."


"Work in jest - Want in earnest."

"Say well, is good; but do well, is better."

"Hope for the best, get ready for the Worst, and then take cheerfully which God sends."


"Be always at leisure to do good."

"The cup must be bitter that a smile will not sweeten."

"One ounce of help weighs more than a pound of pity."

"Better suffer ill, than do ill."


"A bright fire, clean hearth, and a cheerful countenance, are the happy welcome."


"Nothing is fine but what is fit."

Evil Speaking. 

"Where no wood is, the fire goeth out; so where there is no tale bearer, the strife ceaseth."

"He who returns the first blow, begins the quarrel."

Remember these - 

"Truth may be blamed, but cannot be shamed!"

"Knowledge is folly, except grace guide it."

"Prayer hinders no work, but is its best half."

"Prayer should be the key of the day, and the lock of the night."

"Do all the Good you can - 
At all the Times you can;
In all the Ways you can;
To all the People you can;
For as Long as you can."

All from A Few Hints for Home Happiness and Comfort by A Lady. 



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