Friday, 20 July 2012

Home Happiness and Comfort.

Taken from A Few Hints for Home Happiness and Comfort by A Lady. 

My desire in thus speaking to you, my young friends, is to render you happy; and remember we cannot be completely happy ourselves, unless we are desirous to render those around us happy also. 

Men's duties carry them forth into the world, to toil either with their hands or their heads for the support of those whom they love. It is the happy privilege of women to render Home a comfort and a blessing, a rest and a refreshment, to those hearts worn and wearied with the world's hard cares, and to warm them with the sunshine of true affection. 

But "trifles make the sum of human things," and it is about some of these trifles I now wish to teach you.

"Do every thing at its proper time." Now is the time to learn; eagerly, then, seize upon it, and store up knowledge for future use "in that state of life unto which it shall please God to call you."

"Order is Heaven's first law;" it is taught us in the skies, and should be practised with exactness, if we wish for comfort. It is easier, far easier, to "keep every thing in its proper place," than to be obliged to search for it when needed. As soon, then, as any new thing, great or small, becomes your property, find the right place for it, and keep it there; use it, of course, whenever you need it, but put it back again in its own home, and do not yield to the temptation of idly setting it down any where. 

Let due order also be seen in the importance which you place upon performing duties before simple pleasures; never allow pleasures to take the place of duty in your heart, and then in your daily life no difficulty will be found in giving to duty due respect and attention. In arranging your books, let your Bible and Prayer-Book have the best and more honourable place, and next to them, any religious works you may have; and never suffer these books to lie about carelessly. Dread the slightest approach to irreverence, it is the commencement of evil; let everything relating to religion have the first place in your heart, your time, your house - and let no one induce you to lower it by word, deed, or manner. 




  1. "Let everything concerning religion first place." A goal we all should have. I was taught as a child to never put anything on the Bible. It grieves me when I see it. This will help me be more aware of reverencing the things of God.

  2. Beautiful, wise and encouraging words. Thank you for sharing them.

  3. I love reading old books - so much wisdom in them!