Sunday, 1 July 2012

Fighting a Losing Battle.

There is a plague in the garden! Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of tiny black bugs. I noticed a few on my new cherry tree and wondered how they kept coming back so fast after I washed them off. 

It turned out that the flowering almond tree in the garden is absolutely covered in them. The tree is about 25 feet high so that is a lot of bugs! I am not sure what they are. They look like black aphid young and they coat the whole underside of a leaf until it begins to curl up and go brown. 

I have no idea how to treat the big tree and, while it is infested, my tree doesn't stand a chance of staying bug free. I am just hoping that it doesn't cause any lasting damage. 

Perhaps the large number of bugs is due to the odd weather we have had here. There seemed to be hundreds of ladybirds in the garden in early Spring but they all seem to have disappeared after the cold snap. 

So sad about it as I love my trees! 




  1. oh, how awful!! My mom uses strong coffee (brewed) in a spray bottle and it works perfectly on anything that you can reach but a 25 foot tall tree is another issue...maybe a super soaker :P

  2. My garden was attacked also. I had tried it all. Wanted to be all organic. Finally stomped to the big box store and bought Sevens and doused everything. The bugs are gone, I will have veggies and I still feel guilty! But hopefully the rain will wash the toxins off by the time we harvest and we will not die from eating a tomato. haha My daddy always used this on his gardens and still does.

  3. One plus side to the heavy rain is that the aphids seem to have disappeared - for now at least.

    My poor cherry tree has some yellow leaves and brown spots!

    I waited for a windy day and then sprayed the big tree - it seemed to work pretty well and I wasn't too covered!