Sunday, 15 July 2012

Chunky Scarf Progress.

I love this wool! It is Sirdar Denim Ultra and it is in a shade called Starling or 0507. The colour doesn't say starling to me as I would expect that to be maybe a midnight blue with shimmery green and purple like the plumage of the bird. 

I really like the quality of Sirdar wool and would like to try some other types of wool that they sell. Looking around on the internet they do all sorts of exciting wool! There is some really fluffy wool and one that is printed to knit into a fair isle pattern. That sounds like magic to me and I can't really imagine how it works!  

I even managed to join two balls of wool together but I still have to sew the ends in. I will need to get another ball as the scarf isn't quite long enough yet! Plus I think it would look nice with a fringe. It seems a little plain at the moment. 

I would love to make another in the same wool, but maybe a different shade, that was thinner and longer. One that I could wrap around my neck a couple of times. This scarf is 20 stitches wide which is just a touch too wide really. 

Here is a close up of my stitches! The hardest thing for me is controlling my knitting tension. I have a tendency to knit really tight stitches. So tight that they are nearly impossible to move on the needle! I am getting better though and have found it easier with these large needles (10mm) and the chunky wool. 

The next knitting project I want to tackle is knitting a lacy scarf in the Debbie Bliss wool I bought. I would need to learn new knitting skills for that though! Plus I have never tried knitting with such fine wool. It seems like quite an intimidating project to combine the two at once!

I really love the bamboo needles too. I had only used normal metal ones previously and found them quite slippery especially with the cotton I was using. I think I will have to make another visit to the wool shop! I have 5 and 10mm needles but I think a few more sizes would be useful. It would be very easy to get carried away! 

As much as I love this scarf I think it is perhaps too plain to make as a gift. I would love to knit scarves as Christmas gifts but I think they would have to be more complicated than just basic knit! 




  1. Good job! I love to knit! I taught myself using books and online videos. Your tension will get better with practice.

    Thanks so much for sharing. I love to read about knitting almost as much as actually doing it! :)

    1. Thank you! I think I need to figure out how to hold the yarn better and then that will hopefully sort my tension!

      I really needed to be shown how to knit - it all sounded so confusing in books!

  2. I totally disagree. I think they would make GREAT gifts. Many of us enjoy the simplicity of a beautiful, solid colored scarf. You are doing a fabulous job and I love it! I crochet so all of my children and myself have scarves and shawls as well as afghans. I was working on a full/queen size afghan but have gotten burned out so I took a break that has lasted longer than I planned. I also use 100% cotton (that's all that lasts and works well) for dish cloths. I can make 3 or 4 a night and everyone loves them because they scrub well and last so long even if you use bleach. I used to know how to knit but I have forgotten how now. I had a teacher at school teach me in the 6th grade. I couldn't get over how if you make a mistake it's almost impossible to fix so I have stuck with crocheting. You make a mistake, simply gently pull it out and keep going! I admire the work you are doing! Cassidy (I used to be a Sugar Pie Sista!)

    1. I ended up giving the scarf to my Grandma for her birthday! She really liked it but it will have to get really cold for her to be able to wear it.

      I started with dishcloths in 100% cotton but they took me forever to knit! I was using small needles though. 3 or 4 a night - very quick!

      I really want to learn to crochet - maybe once I have figured knitting out. I can't imagine trying to make something bed sized! I struggle to keep the same number of stitches and it would take ages to count them!

  3. Lovely scarf! I love yarn-crafting, and am self-taught. I prefer bamboo hooks and needles, too. The plastic knitting needles I started with were very hard to work with, I found. Good job to you!

    1. I started with metal needles but found them very slippery - I kept dropping stitches!

      I have a few different sized bamboo needles and I thing I will stick with them rather than plastic or metal ones.

    2. wow, I can't even knit that! how beautiful! :)

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