Friday, 13 July 2012

Been to the Wool Shop.

These are my latest purchases from the local wool shop! I have wanted to try bamboo needles for a while and they were cheaper here than anywhere else in town. Plus I could get two useful sizes for my needle collection. Bamboo needles are supposed to be less slippery for knitting which sounds good to me as I am always worried about all my stitches sliding off! 

The cream wool is deliciously chunky! I want to knit a Winter scarf to keep me warm once the weather turns. As it is warm and humid at the moment I will have a fair bit of time to get this completed. It is lovely quality and when you pick it up you can't help but squeeze! 

The grey wool has a silver metallic thread running through it. It is so pretty and reminds me of spider webs in the early morning sunlight. I can imagine it being made by fairies! This will also be a scarf but an ethereal one rather than a practical one. Definitely a more frivolous project!  

The book is exciting to me! I can knit and purl now but don't really understand how these two stitches turn into moss stitch for example. I just can't picture the effect in my mind. This book covers useful knitting terms, comparison charts for needle sizes as well as illustrated explanations of different stitches as well as how to increase and decrease. 

One thing I will have to learn is how to join two balls of wool! Up until now I haven't tried this as dishcloths don't require more than a ball of wool. 

I love wandering around the wool shop. All the different colours and textures! There are shelves and shelves of wools. Thin wool, chunky wool, fluffy wool and rainbow wool. It is just so exciting with all the different ideas and potential for new projects. I always come away feeling inspired and itching to get knitting! 




  1. I don't know how to knit, but reading this post makes me wish I did! Happy crafting :)

  2. I am still learning - my problem is that my ideas are way ahead of my skills!