Monday, 30 July 2012

A Trip to Ripon.

I had such a lovely time in Ripon! I wasn't sure if I would be able to go at all after being ill but I was feeling much better. The weather was just right. Not boiling hot sunshine and no rain. It was just a bright and warm day! 

I spent most of the day in the cathedral this time. Last time was more of a run around the cathedral and then on to the shops! It think it depends who you group up with on this sort of trip. There were two drop off points on the trip and I got off at the cathedral as I wanted to take some photographs. Luckily the two other ladies who were dropped off there were so lovely so we ended up spending the whole day together! Plus I am planning on joining a local art group after they spoke so highly of it. 

Ripon is such a pretty place! I love the cute little buildings with their uneven windows and beams. The gardens are so well maintained too. 

This was just opposite the cathedral and beyond a public garden. It was all so picturesque! 

So many quaint little shops! It was a shame to see that the economy had hit even here where tourists gather. There were quite a few shops that were empty. It seems like such a waste! 

I loved the deep set windows and tiny doors! Such a clean place too. Just beyond the end of this road was the Thursday Market. There were so many stalls there! We only had a quick look but there were stalls selling just about everything.  

 The two ladies I spent the day with had been to the cathedral before but both loved it! We spent happy hours walking around and looking at the collection of old silver wear, antique Christian books (I wanted to read so many of them!) and the Saxon crypt. There was so much to look at! Amazing stone and wood carvings, beautiful embroidery and the most amazing stained glass windows.  

We went back to the cathedral for lunch and there were sandwiches and tea provided for a donation to the cathedral maintenance fund. Our trip was perfect timing as there was a performance by Rachel Little, a soprano, accompanied by Edmund Aldhouse on the piano. It was amazing! The combination of such a beautiful voice and talented piano playing was wonderful and the setting, under a huge stained glass window was just perfect. I even bought Rachel's CD! If you click here you can hear samples on Rachel's website. 

I saw this little mouse in the cathedral gift shop and just could not resist! This praying mouse is based on a Medieval one and is just so sweet! 




  1. Your outing sounds so wonderful. I would LOVE to visit such a lovely place!

  2. So lovely! It sounds like you had an amazing and relaxing time there :)