Tuesday, 15 May 2012

PHG Chapter 3 - The Feminine Personality.

The plan to read a chapter a week is going pretty well thus far. It is only week three though! I was looking forward to reading this section. I skimmed through the chapter headings on the contents page and some really stood out to me as things that interested me and also things that I needed to work on. 

This chapter is all about the feminine personality and is split into movement, outward femininity and speech. I have noticed that chapter 5 is all about speech so that topic will be further developed. 

The chapter starts by describing what femininity is and also describes being ladylike. 

Femininity is a softer, gentler quality that a woman has in all of her actions. She is opposite to the male. She is feminine in her manners, in the way she moves, in her personality, and also in her outward appearance. 

I do love this! It seems to be the opposite of what the world says is acceptable for women. Softer and gentler not being seen as bad or weak qualities! 

How do ladies walk? They move gracefully, smoothly, and femininely. This is what you, too, must learn. The art of moving as a lady would. 

I would love to walk and move gracefully! That flowing way of walking with good posture and no flailing of limbs. I tend to be a little clumsy though! One thing that really helps me is wearing a skirt as it acts as a constant reminder to be aware of how I am moving. Another benefit of dressing femininely! It almost feels like I should live up to the impression that a feminine outfit makes. 

Being feminine is to place great importance on the differences between men and woman. It is to make a line between what a woman is compared to what a man is. 

This is very similar to what I have read in Fascinating Womanhood which also makes it clear that women should choose clothes that are as different from a man's clothes as possible in style, colour and fabric. This is something I am working on at the moment. Trying to balance dressing in a feminine way while still being modest and trying not to get caught up in other people's reactions and attentions. 

The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment; for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God. 
Deuteronomy 22 : 5

A young lady might want to keep her voice gentle and calm. Not too soft, so that she cannot be heard and then becomes irritating, but with just the right tone. She must speak pleasantly, and with love and kindness. 

I have a vintage book from the 1950s and that covers tone and volume as well as how to sound less monotone and how to speak clearly. If I am excited I tend to rush through my words so fast that it must be hard to understand. Plus I have a bad habit of getting higher in pitch! I will have to get that book out again as it seems like a shame to work on having a feminine appearance and moving graceful if I shatter that impression the moment I open my mouth! 

I think that I am naturally feminine inside. I tend to be quite girly and interested in domestic things, plus old fashioned etiquette guides have always been fascinating to me. It is quite often hard for me to express this especially at work. It seems that if you are not loud, and if you do not shout about your skills and opinions, people do not hear you. It all seems so competitive with people so willing to drag each other down to make themselves look better. I wish that those people would realise that, even though I won't shout my opinion or get angry, my views are still valid and important to me. I am not naturally competitive at all but I sometimes think it would be easier to just go along with what the world expects. It would be an easier life but not an honest one! 



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  1. Oh, Jenny, it can be so difficult to balance what the workplace requires with being a godly woman.
    Taken to extremes, this stress on femininity can become ridiculous. I remember loving to get a reaction from a woman who was "afraid" of earthworms.
    Do not become too self conscious. That may be feminine, but it is not attractive. :D